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:: Intel Pentium 4 2.4B
Core: Northwood
Platform: Socket478 (mPGA478 Socket)
Internal Clock: 2411.6 MHz
System Bus (FSB): 535.9 MHz (QDR)
System Clock: 134 MHz
Multiplier: 18
Core Voltage: 1.536~1.552 V
Temperature: 36°C Idle, 48.5°C at full load
Cooling Type: NeXus NW5000T Copper Heatsink & Fan (w/ silver thermal paste)
Fan Speed: 5818 RPM
Overclocked: No
L1 Trace-Cache: 12 Kµops
L1 Data-Cache: 8 KB
L2 Cache: 512 KB
Instructions: MMX, SSE & SSE2
:: GeIL Value Dual Channel PC3200 400MHz DDR
Model Number: GE1GB3200BHDC
Number of Sticks: 2
Memory Capacity:1 GB (512 MB x 2)
Clock: 333 MHz
Data Rate: 5.4 GB/s (2.7x2)
Latency: 2-3-3-5
:: Gigabyte GA-8SQ800
Chipset: SiS 655 (North Bridge), SiS 963 (South Bridge)
BIOS Version: F7
AGP Driver Version: 1.2.1
IDE Driver Version: 2.0.4a
CPUs Supported: All 478-Pin 400/533 MHz FSB Northwood Pentium 4 Processors
FSB: 400/533 MHz (@ 535.9 MHz)
DDR Clock: 266/333/400 (@ 400 MHz)
AGP: 4x/8x (AGP8X Enabled)
Top Performance Mode: Enabled
Sound: AC '97 On-Board Audio (Disabled)
Supported Technologies: Hyper-Threading (only for 3.06GHz), Dual Channel DDR (Enabled)
Cooling: North Bridge fan/heatsink replaced with Zalman NB47J heatsink and 4xZalman RHS-1 heatsinks on South Bridge.
:: Power Color Radeon 9600XT Bravo
Chipset: ATI Radeon 9600XT
AGP: 4x/8x (AGP8X Enabled)
Driver: ATI Catalyst 7.1
BIOS Version:
Display: Single Analog CRT
Core Clock: 500~526 MHz
Memory Clock: 675 MHz DDR
Overclocked: No
Core Temperature: 46°C idle, 53°C at full load
Supported APIs: OpenGL, DirectX 9
Max. Resolution: 2048x1536 (1024x768 @ 85 Hz Enabled)
Cooling: Zalman RHS-1 heatsinks for RAM modules on one side, stock cooling on other
:: Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic
Driver Version: 2.13.0001 Beta
Speakers: Creative Inspire 2.1 2500
Number of Microphones: 1
CD-In: Lite-On SOHW-1673S
Gameport: Not used
:: Samsung SpinPoint SP0802N
Quantity: 2
80 GB each (160 GB total)
Speed: 7200 RPM
Cache: 2 MB
Setup: Primary Master & Slave, no RAID
Interface: ATA-133
File System: NTFS
Cooling: 2x80mm Fans attached in front of drive
:: Lite-On SOHW-1673S
DVD+R Write Speed: 16x
DVD-R Write Speed: 16x
DVD+R9 Write Speed: 4x
DVD+RW Write Speed: 8x
DVD-RW Write Speed: 6x
DVD-ROM Read Speed:
CD-R Write Speed:
CD-RW Write Speed: 24x
CD-ROM Read Speed: 48x
Buffer: 2MB
Firmware: JS0D
Status: Secondary Master, UDMA-66
Supported Formats: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, CD Text, CD+G
:: DeLUX DLP-388 420W Power Supply
Maximum Power: 420 W
Type: ATX
Powers: All Listed Components
:: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
Version: 6.0.6000
Service Pack: None
DirectX Version: 9.0c + 10
Aero Enabled: Yes
Internet Explorer: 7.0
Updates: All Critical & Windows Updates
Virtual Memory: 2 GB
Error Reporting: Disabled
Restart on Failure: Disabled
Anti-Virus: McAfee VirusScan 2007
Firewall: McAfee Personal Firewall 2007
Internet: 2048/512k ADSL shared on LAN.

:: Benchmark Scores
3DMark 2001 SE: 13,483
3DMark03: 4,410
3DMark05: 2,072
3DMark06: 489
AquaMark 3: 34,070
PCMark 2004: 3,686
PCMark 2005: 2,302

Last Updated: 27 September, 2010
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